Professor Elena Korosteleva attended the Minsk Forum XX in Brussels

On 24 October 2022, Professor Elena Korosteleva attended the Minsk Forum XX, Session in Brussels — discussions at the Belgium House of representatives and the European Parliament dedicated to the EU-Belarus Relations— to speak at the panel entitled ‘Belarus after Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: How to Support the Democratic Transition.’ The event, organised according to the Chatham House rules, provided an opportunity for the academics, policy makers and diplomats to discuss and exchange ideas on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its implications for the democratic future of Belarus.  

On 25 October Professor Korosteleva also spoke to the MEPs of the European People’s Party, discussing joint actions for the support of Belarus. 

On 28 October Professor E. Korosteleva, Professor J. Korosteleva (economist), P. Kuryan (legal consultant) - all members of OBO - will be speaking at the closed-door discussion at the UK Cabinet Office ‘Belarus and the ongoing war in Ukraine’ to update the UK strategy and support for the country.