OST Research Centre

OST Research Centre is a department of the Office of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya (OST). The OST is a democratic representative body of the Belarusian people aiming to achieve a national dialogue, ensure a peaceful transfer of power, and hold new democratic elections. The Office promotes and advocates for democratic changes in Belarus. OST Research Centre conducts a range of analytical activities, including expert discussions, research on the Belarusian agenda, and data analysis.


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IGSD, University of Warwick

Institute for Global Sustainable Development led by Professor Elena Korosteleva, who moved there on 6 April 2022. IGSD supports the work of the OBO by providing expertise, networks and co-leadership of this initiative. Additionally, it secured two projects focusing on Resilience in Ukraine: a comparative perspective (led Dr Asya Kudlenko, 2022-23); and EU Horizon project SHAPEDEM where Prof Korosteleva is a COI, focusing on the eastern neighbourhood, including Belarus (1/10/22-30/09/25).


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GLOBSEC is a global think-tank based in Bratislava, Slovakia committed to enhancing security, prosperity, and sustainability in Europe and throughout the world. This independent, non-partisan, non-governmental organisation helps to provide a better understanding of global trends and their consequences for society, economy, and security. GLOBSEC builds on the successful work done by the Slovak Atlantic Commission and its main goal is to shape the global debate through conducting research activities and connecting key experts on foreign and security policy. GLOBSEC also annually organizes GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum, one of the leading conferences on global security in the world, as well as GLOBSEC Tatra Summit, a conference that provides the opportunity for experts to have fruitful political discussions on the future of Europe.


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GCRF COMPASS Project (ES/P010849/1, 2017-21) is an ambitious UK government capacity-building funding initiative, aiming to extend UK research globally and to address the challenges of growth and sustainability in developing countries. Notably, the COMPASS project, led by the University of Kent, in partnership with the University of Cambridge, has established ‘hubs of excellence’ at top-level Higher Education Institutions in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, to enable them to become centres for knowledge-sharing and transfer for research integration, impact governance, and sustainable communities. In 2021, the COMPASS project was HIGHLY COMMENDED under the category of the best international collaboration of the year, by the Times Higher Education, widely known to be ‘The OSCARS of Higher Education in the UK’. 


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Website: E-mail: Twitter: @GCRF-COMPASS